Newsletter 4

Newsletter 4

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Hi! 👋 You’re reading the fourth marimo newsletter.

We’re excited you’re following along as we build the world’s best programming environment for working with data. If you haven’t tried marimo yet, it’s open source and just a pip install marimo away!

We have lots of fun updates to share, but first: we need your help in shaping the future of marimo, via a 5 minute survey:

DataFrame glow up

This newsletter is about the bread and butter of data work: the DataFrame.

marimo now renders dataframes in a rich table viewer by default! Search, filter, and sort in just one click or keystroke; get rich previews of your columnar data distributions; and page through your data.

Search, filter, and preview DataFrame columns

marimo’s DataFrame viewer lets you search your whole DataFrame and filter columns. The row header also gives you an at-a-glance preview of each column. This is one small step in our vision in making marimo the best place to work with your data — we believe data should be tangible and extremely interactive, by default.

Try a live preview of this feature at our online playground, and read our release notes to learn more.


Transform dataframes — no code required!

Use mo.ui.dataframe to create an interactive DataFrame transformer: run group bys, aggs, and more on Pandas and Polars DataFrames without writing code! The transformation code is generated for you on-the-fly, letting you copy/paste it into your notebook. Try it out at our playground!

Data sources panel

marimo now ships with a data sources panel! Open the panel to get an overview of all the DataFrames in notebook memory, letting you see columns and summary statistics at a glance.


SQL support is coming soon!

We’re cooking up a new feature: reactive SQL, powered by duckdb. Use SQL to query Pandas or Poalrs DataFrames; marimo makes the result available in a new Python variable that you can use in other cells.

Expect this feature to land a few releases down the road.


The marimo community keeps on growing and keeps on giving — thank y’all so much!

We have over 30 contributors pushing code to marimo, up from a dozen last month, and many more contributors reporting bugs, sharing feedback, and hanging with us on Discord (come chat!).

P.S. Hello from North Bay Python, Petaluma CA!

Myles and I were at the North Bay Python conference this past weekend! We gave a talk about marimo, got to chat with existing users, and met many Pythonistas working on amazing things ranging from automatic generation of test cases with Hypothesis (without LLMs!) to rigging up robotic cocktail-making contraptions. We’ll follow up with a link to the video once it’s online!

EDIT: Here’s the video!

Thanks all!